We are a family of America’s number one sports car drivers, but are not just focused on fun and games. ICGCC is an organized group governed by constitution and by-laws, and although we have fun we also make positive contributions, participate in local events and give back to our community. By doing so, we host four fundraising events a year, which funds Thanksgiving baskets; we feed the families and clothe ten children for Christmas, make donations to the Lord’s Food Pantry and participate in other worthy causes.


The Indy Classical Glass is formed to develop communication among the membership clubs, organize consistency among other clubs in the region, to raise funds to promote an annual function which include membership clubs.


To encourage and assist in the development of Corvette clubs on the local level, to promote participation in Corvette oriented activities, and enhance the enjoyment connected with the ownership of the Corvette for members of the Indy Classical Glass Corvette Club, and to that end collect and publish information, hold meetings, sponsor affairs and gatherings both public and private.